Financial Advice for Women & Families

Women don’t share the same kind of financial life that men do. So why should they receive the same financial advice? Women on average live longer, often are paid less and have different lifestyle commitments. Often we prefer a different style of financial advice as well, such as coaching and educating, where your needs and goals are paramount and transformed into a tailored financial plan. We provide tailored financial advice for women & their families to empower them to achieve their goals.

When do I need financial advice?

People often seek advice when they have had a significant change in their circumstances. Some of the situations when it is wise to seek financial and protection advice include: 

If you would like more information on the financial strategies to deal with the above situations, click on the highlighted link above for each particular situation you are interested in.

No matter what your situation, our mission is to empower women and families to become financially secure.If you would like personal financial advice on your particular situation, contact Prudentia Financial Planning today for a free initial consultation.